Sodwork.com has been widely unpopular since it was created in March 2001. Over the years it has been a constant reminder in a changing world of what websites looked like in the early 21st century.

A lot has changed in the past 19 years and quite frankly I'm amazed that the site lasted as long as it did with the minimal effort I was prepared to put into keeping it working.

Sadly, the last system update has bollocked it good and proper. It needs fairly major work to get it going again - and I really can't be arsed. Sorry.

If there is a major outpouring of grief at this news, or I find myself self isolating for a couple of weeks with nothing better to do, I'll get my finger out and do it.

@NRoolz on Twitter, if you want to get in touch for info, updates or abuse

Thanks for 19 years of mediocre engagement in an outdated website. Naich.